A support platform.

Deisa Algérie conducts business in Algeria and is a platform to support other group companies for the construction and operation of treatment plants.

Deisa Algérie SPA is an Algerian company specialized in the supply and installation of water treatment projects at local level. Deisa Algérie was established in June 2008 and is owned 50% on DEISA (COMSA Corporación group) and 50% on PMS International.

Deisa Algérie has highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians. DEISA Algérie has a vast know - how in the field of water treatment, using its own technologies and processes. Our experience allows us to meet the requirements for quality assurance.
Deisa Algérie offers solutions with the latest technology, covering all aspects of water treatment: design, construction, operation and maintenance of water treatment plants. From the initial stages (feasibility studies and initial engineering) to the delivery of turnkey installations, commissioning, operation and maintenance.