Experience and reliability.

Technology of Water and Electricity

ENVEX Spa is an Algerian company who started its activity in February 2004. Specialised in the water field, its main activities are the supply of equipments, as well as offering the engineering, supply, installation and start-up of the equipment.
From the very beginning, ENVEX offers its expertise at the service of its customers, designing and installing the equipment that best suits the project’s needs and specifications.
Thanks to our know-how we intervene at all stages of the project, from its preliminary design, identifying the requirements and constraints, to the complete delivery of the project.
Envex disposes of the qualification “7” from the Ministry of Water Resources, Hydraulics and Public works.
Our main activities in the water sector are as follows:

1. Water treatment
  • Monobloc water treatment plant
  • Monobloc waste water treatment plant
  • Process treatment plant
  • Desalination plant
  • Water filtration plant, softener, Water filtration on activated carbon
  • Consumables: Filter cartridges, reverse osmosis membranes, filtration sand, pelletized salt, ion exchange resin
2. Pumping stations

3. Drinking water supply

4. Sewage equipments

The main equipments that we can supply are:
  • Hydromechanical equipments: Butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves, fitting, dismantling joint, etc…

  • Electromechanical equipments:Pumps, servomotors, etc

  • Electrical equipments: Generators, transformers

  • Instrumentation: Water-meters, electromagnetic flow-meters, electromechanical flow-meters, ultrasonic, pressure gauges, pear and level probes, etc.

  • Laboratory equipments

  • Consumables for water treatment plants: R.O. membrane, filter cartridge, sand, anthracite, ion-exchange resins, Water Softening Salts