Leader in chemical distribution.

PMS is a leading distributor of chemicals in Algeria through its subsidiary DISTRIM SPA, and Morocco, through its subsidiary PROCHIMAG.


PMS International has over 35 years experience in the distribution of chemicals in the Maghreb. PMS has the support of producers in the world for the supply of raw materials in the Maghreb for the following sectors:

Detergents & Cosmetics:
STPP, sodium sulphate, caustic soda, LAB, LESS, sodium silicate, sodium percarbonate, surfactants, perfumes, dyes, etc...

V.A.M., pentaerythritol, phthalic anhydride, DOP, DBP, inorganic fillers (titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, iron oxides and lead, specific anticorrosive pigments - white...), polyester resins for structures and resins for the full range of paints, solvents (ethyl acetate, acetone, Butyl Glycol, ...), functional additives (antifilm, dispersants, biocides, ...), etc ...

Stabilizers, functional ingredients (prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins and premix of minerals and vitamins...), natural colors, flavours, dairy ingredients (MPC, WPC, lactoserum, casein...), fruits concentrates, additives, sweeteners, starches, phosphates, lecithins, bleaching earth, diatomaceous earth, activated carbon, hydrogen peroxyde and peracetic acid for aseptic packaging, etc.

Plastics and Rubber
HDPE, LDPE, PS, PP, ABS, EVA, PVC, PET, PA6, Polyester Resins, Colorants Masterbatch, etc ...

Water treatment
Alumina Sulfate, Caustic Soda, Chloridic Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Calcium Hypochlorite, Sodium Metabisulphite, STPP, Glycerin, other products. Antiscalant for Membrane Processes, Biocides, Flocculants and Coagulants, Anti-scale and Anti-Corrosion for Boilers Treatment and Cooling Water, Wastewater Treatment Products, Cleaning Products and Disinfectants

Oils, formulated oils, fats, etc...

Glass and Ceramics
Sodium, calcium and potassium carbonate, potassium and sodium nitrate, alumina hydrate, micronized silica, STPP, Sodium Metasilicate, etc ...

Raw materials, excipients, laboratory equipment, disposables, etc ...

Products for drilling / exploitation of oil wells
Inorganic salts, acids, solvents, thickeners, etc. Products for Stimulation, Tertiary, Recovery, Workover, Drilling, Production and Completion.

Animal Feeding
Calcium Phosphate (DCP, MCP), Choline Chloride, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Premixes, etc ...

Textile and Leather
Chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, formic acid, sodium sulphide, chromium sulphate, etc ...), Dyes, Auxiliaries, etc ...

Phytosanitary products
Copper salts, etc.

Lithium carbonate and hydroxide

Best business partners.

PMS has branches in Algeria and Morocco, as well as having the best technology partners to undertake commercial and industrial projects of all kinds.


Our activity in the field of INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT includes:

Equipment for water treatment

Studies, supply, installation, maintenance and service of water treatment facilities.
Equipment and supplies reverse osmosis, filtration, chlorination and dechlorination, demineralization.
Water purification stations, water treatment plants, industrial and residential, desalination of seawater and brackish water.
Resin, charcoal, sand, salt tablets...

Electric projects and equipment

Study, supply and commissioning of lighting towers sports stadiums, airports and large industrial areas. Indoor and outdoor lighting.
Provision of MV / LV transformers and generators. Distribution and protection. Welds, cables, and drivers.

Prefabricated concrete elements projects

Study, supply and commissioning of production lines of prefabricated concrete projects

Pipe system solutions

Bespoke pipe and valve system solutions for the water, Oil & Gas and industrial sectors.

Experience and reliability.

In June 2008, DEISA Algérie was created, 50% owned by PMS International and DEISA (COMSA Corporación) for the construction and operation of wastewater treatment plants in Algeria.


Water has a very significant impact on economic and social development of all countries, particularly those where water availability is scarce. PMS has specialized in water treatment sector, providing experience and reliability in the provision of facilities of all kinds: fresh water and sea water desalination, waste water, urban and industrial water (input, process and residual).

PMS, along with its affiliated companies, studies, proposes and runs water treatment plants with technically and economically optimized solutions. The services offered by the group include:

1. Turnkey installations.
2. Modular Facilities.
3. Process engineering and detailed.
4. Laboratory tests and diagnostic.
5. Management and implementation of the facility.
6. Installation, commissioning, maintenance.
7. Technical support after.
8. Treatment chemicals (coagulants, flocculants and disinfectants, among others).

The group's subsidiary company, DEISA Algérie, specializing in the construction and operation of wastewater treatment plants, conducts business in Algeria and is a platform of support to other group companies.

PMS also provides funding to projects, either commercial credit lines or concession, depending on its final destination.


PMS International Geo- synthetics Division joined in 2003 and since then there have been several projects in Algeria

PMS International distributes the full range of geosynthetic products used in various sectors such as Environment, General Civil Works, and Maritime. Our team of engineers, the quality of our products and our long experience in the industry turn PMS into the most reliable partner for your project. We offer technically and economically optimizing global solutions for each project.

Our technical department also provides ongoing technical support, for the duration of your project and can advise you further in developing the most appropriate technical solution. We advise what type of geosynthetic is the most suitable for each case.

Our partners are specialized firms, with many years of experience and technically qualified, so that all our products are certified and follow strict quality controls. The main products of our range are:

Geocomposites bentonite
Geotube and Geocontainer

Erosion control

Strategic consultancy based in over 35 years experience in the Maghreb

PMS provides advisory services and strategic consulting for all those companies that want to work with the Maghreb countries, and especially Algeria and Morocco. From the analysis and detection of opportunities to the operational implementation of the business or project. We offer a comprehensive service in all phases, including a daily back once implemented the project.

PMS group's history includes more than 35 years of international trade activities and implementation in countries around the Mediterranean, from Morocco to Iran and Iraq. Countries traditionally considered difficult to commercially penetrate.

This trend has given the group a wealth of experience in many sectors and a deep understanding of the peculiarities of each of these countries.

The experience gained during these years has earned us the trust of our customers and business partners for its operations in these countries. Our knowledge of the various markets, our strategic alliances with the local support we have, especially through our own subsidiaries in Algeria (Distrim, Envex, Deis Algerie) and Morocco (Prochimag) allows us to offer a complete service fully adapted to the needs of each client.