Manufacture and distribution of food ingredients.

In December 2016, the group creates SPI - SELECTED PERFORMANCE INGREDIENTS, in a direct bid for the future to specialize in the manufacture and distribution of food ingredients.

SPI is created with the objective of being a company of reference for all of our customers in their processes of development, production and distribution of food ingredients. Our main objective is to consolidate our customers’ loyalty by offering solutions, collaborating in their development projects, providing innovation, and growing together.

We offer solutions based on our extensive knowledge of raw materials, collaborating in the study of industrial processes, providing constant support in the analysis of the most suitable components, always revising product costs to be able to elaborate nutritive and quality products that are within the reach of all customers.

We rely on specialized labs and a highly qualified team; at the forefront of innovation, and capable of carrying out application tests to ensure our products’ best performance. In addition, we count on pilot plants to execute semi-industrial tests.
SPI selects, develops and commercializes Solutions for the production of the following products:

· Beverages: ingredients for juices, nectars from fruits, carbonated beverages, energy drinks.

· Dairy: cheese, yoghurts, ice cream, smoothies, cream, etc.

· Confectionery: chocolate bonbons, hard candy, sweets, chewing gum, etc

· Bakery: bread improvers, pastries, biscuits, etc.

· Meat Industry: fresh, preserved and processed meats

· Savoury: all kinds of snacks.

· Oils and fats: edible oils, margarines, etc.

· Cleaning and disinfection Solutions for the food industry: products for Cleaning, sanitizing and lubrication Conveyor belts.

· Aseptic packaging, active packaging and intelligent packaging: different negrees of hydrogen peroxide.