Natural solutions for
carbon neutrality.

PMS International and SulNOx have decided to join forces to fight against the impact of carbon in transport.

Taking you further, faster
and cleaner.

SulNOx Group Plc e is a green technology company that specializes in providing responsible solutions for the decarbonization of liquid hydrocarbon fuels.
Our proprietary fuel additives reduce the production of harmful and environmentally damaging emissions while delivering significant cost savings.

Our unique fuel additives are made fromnatural, biodegradable ingredients to
emulsify water, increase lubricity and oxygen availability to fuel, making it burn cleaner and more efficiently.

With our collaboration and experience in the market, we offer SulNOx our commercial strength to promote and extend your solution to new markets.


Reduces fuel consumption, engine wear, maintenance/downtime costs and the fouling of ignition, filters and fuelling components.


Increases lubricity, improves throttle response, lowers exhaust temperature and significantly reduces Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system load.


Reduces the production of environmentally damaging greenhouse gas emissions whilst reducing Particulate Matter (PM), including soot and smoke.

Particulate matter reductions:

Emission Baseline (mg/m3) SulNOx (mg/m3) Change
PM10 12,2 5,7 -53%
PM 2,5 10,6 4,1 -61%