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Strategic consultancy based in over 35 years experience in the Maghreb

PMS provides advisory services and strategic consulting for all those companies that want to work with the Maghreb countries, and especially Algeria and Morocco. From the analysis and detection of opportunities to the operational implementation of the business or project. We offer a comprehensive service in all phases, including a daily back once implemented the project.

PMS group's history includes more than 35 years of international trade activities and implementation in countries around the Mediterranean, from Morocco to Iran and Iraq. Countries traditionally considered difficult to commercially penetrate.

This trend has given the group a wealth of experience in many sectors and a deep understanding of the peculiarities of each of these countries.

The experience gained during these years has earned us the trust of our customers and business partners for its operations in these countries. Our knowledge of the various markets, our strategic alliances with the local support we have, especially through our own subsidiaries in Algeria (Distrim, Envex, Deis Algerie) and Morocco (Prochimag) allows us to offer a complete service fully adapted to the needs of each client.

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