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Companies of the group

  Distrim S.P.A.
  Envex S.P.A.
  Deisa Algerie, S.P.A.
  Prochimag S.A.R.L.

PMS is the first Spanish private investor group in Algeria and was the first foreign company to create a distribution company of chemicals in that country.

PMS International Group has 3 subsidiary companies in Algeria (Distrim, Envex and Deisa Algerie, which is 50% owned with Comsa-Emte Group) and a subsidiary in Morocco, Prochimag, acquired in 2009.

Prochimag and Distrim, in particular, they strengthen the leadership position of PMS in the distribution of chemicals in the Maghreb.

Envex and Deisa Algerie focus their activity, respectively, in industrial equipment and plants for water treatment.

From our central offices in Barcelona we manage all activities related to geosynthetics and other additional business lines, and strategic consulting services to companies wishing to start business with Algeria and Morocco.

PMS International, S.L.
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