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  Envex S.P.A.
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Technology of Water and Electricity

Envex SPA

Envex focuses its activities in the sectors of Environment and Industrial Electricity, areas with a substantial impact on most economic and social activities in Algeria, where the availability of technical assistance is essential.

Envex, along with its technology partners, leaders in their respective fields, brings experience and reliability in the supply of hydraulic and industrial electrical equipment.

Services offered by Envex:

  1. Turnkey Installations
  2. Facilities of compounds
  3. Process Engineering
  4. Laboratory tests and reagents
  5. Management and implementation of the assembly, installation, commissioning, intervention and assistance
  6. Post-Sales Support




  1. Industrial water
    1. Reverse Osmosis
    2. Filtration
    3. Purification
    4. Chlorination, dechlorination
    5. Demineralization
  2. Purification
  3. Industrial and domestic cleansing
  4. Desalination of seawater and brackish
  5. Cartridge filter consumables and reverse osmosis membranas
  6. Resin, activated carbon, sand, salt tablets


    • Study, supply, installation, maintenance and service of electrical installations.
    • Distribution Power Plants
    • Protection, control and automation
    • Generators
    • Power consumption
    • Welding Groups

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