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PMS as been the first foreign company to create a chemical distribution company in Algeria: DISTRIM SPA


Distrim S.P.A.

DISTRIM SPA is currently the leader in chemical distribution in Algeria, with distribution centers in Algiers, Oran, Annaba and Hassi Messaoud.

Since 1995, the date of its creation, DISTRIM SPA has earned the trust of numerous clients and professionals in the chemical industry.

DISTRIM's young technical-commercial team has achieved to, day by day, increase the market share through price level, quality of their products and the continued availability thereof.

The role of DISTRIM, beyond mere importation and distribution of chemicals and auxiliaries for different industrial sectors, also focuses on helping to secure control of the needs of their business partners in a continuing effort to diversify and meet the needs market.

On the other hand, DISTRIM provides great value for their deep knowledge of the increasingly stringent standards and regulations in force in Algeria, as regards the regulation of imports to Algeria

DISTRIM's mail sectors of activity are:

- Textile and leather.
- Plastic and rubber.
- Ceramic and glass.
- Agro.
- Water Treatment.
- Detergents, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics.
- Paint, adhesives, inks and varnishes.
- Oilfield.
- industral Hygiene.

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